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First School in India to have CBSE / SSC along with a beautiful concept of Alim Course, Hifz and Public Speaking

IPS International works towards evolving in the process of imparting and seeking knowledge which empowers the students to become exemplary Indian Citizens and Global leaders in the emerging knowledge society with an impetus to promote harmony and peace.

IPS International is dedicated to providing strong ethical and moral values while offering a high and wide standard of academic curricula.

We implement Islamic etiquettes, values & behavior as per the Qur’an & Authentic Hadees. There is a Segregation for boys & girls with equal facilities and equal standard in classes. IPS International adheres to implement the Islamic dress code with Hijab.

Principle of AIDM - Aqeedah, Ibaadah, Deeni Taleem & Mu’aa-sharah

Aqeedah (Creed)

In Islam, ‘aqeedah is the matter of knowledge. The Muslim must believe in his heart and have faith and conviction, with no doubts or misgivings, because Allaah has told him about ‘aqeedah in His Book and via His Revelations to His Messenger (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him).

Ibaadah (Worship)

‘Ibaadah (worship) in Arabic means submission and humbling oneself. The Arabs use the phrase tareeq mu’abbad to describe a smooth path which has been become smooth because so many feet have walked on it.

Deeni Taleem (Knowledge)

We believe in the Hadith that

“ The seeking of knowledge is obligatory every Muslim”. (Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith 74)

Mu’aa-sharah (Community Relations)

Islam established ways of conduct, relationships, and rights and obligations for the individual vis-à-vis members of his family and the nation and for the nation vis-à-vis other nations.

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IPS has helped my child to perform better in academics and sports.
IPS has helped my child to perform better in academics and sports.